Barefoot™ Ramblers

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Ramblers are an ideal solution for any fitness situation or everyday style. Maximum comfort, versatility and durability make them perfect for both fitness and outdoor activities.

✔ Ultimate Comfort for Active Adventures

✔ Maximised Protection for Any Terrain

✔ Reliable & Durable Grip for Long-lasting Performance

Why Go Barefoot?

Improved Posture 

Barefoot shoes promote more natural position, which can help improve posture by aligning the body properly from the feet up. This can reduce strain on the back, hips and knees.

Enhanced Balance and Stability 

The flexible soles of barefoot shoes allow your feet to better sense the ground beneath them. This leads to greater stability during various activities.

Improved Range of Motion

Barefoot shoes allow for greater freedom of movement, allowing your feet to flex and bend naturally. This can enhance your overall range of motion and mobility 

Injury Prevention

Strengthening the muscles in your feet can help reduce risk of injuries and prevent common foot problems, such as ankle sprains, stress fractures and plantar fascitis



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